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How to ride a TRIKKE
The best Trikke riding tips we found were in watching videos of other Trikke riders. Once we got the hang of leaning and alternately shifting our weight we we're rocking and rolling down the trail. It's like skiing on land.

Don't give up - there is a learning curve.... and you can do it! Watch these videos and you'll soon be Trikking...
Trikke Riders ROCK and ROLL
Health Benefits of Trikke Riding
TRIKKE Riding Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to ride a Trikke - the videos below contain basic Trikke Riding lessons and tips, along with
demonstrations of advanced techniques like climbing a hill and decending a hill on a Trikke.

Mounting The Trikke
Lean The Trikke
Trikke Weight Transfer
Trikke Hill Climbing
Trikke Downhill
Lose Weight TRIKKE Riding
Here's John below who is featured in our Trikke weight loss section. On the video below right he's hill climbing with the Trikke!
Trikke Tribred Pon-e

Check out the newest electric assist Pon-e Trikke. We purchased lithium powered Trikke pon-e's and, despite the indulgence
of the electric assist, we were surprised to find that riding them is still a good workout, especially when you carve along with it.

The Trikke Tribred Pon-e is a complete joyride and even more fun than we had imagined they would be. Ultra light personal
transportation that's perfect for commuting and riding around for fun. Like all of these Trikkes, they fold up for storage, too.

Ride for up to 20 miles on a charge. We've reached 18 mph as clocked on our GPS units while riding the pon-e lithium!
Trikke T-12 Riders

Watch this cool video below showing the Trikke T12 in action.


More Trikke Riding videos!

Trikke Riding Newbies
Trikke First Timers
Parking Lot Trikke Fun
Early Poly Wheel Trikkes from Trikke Tech
Trikke Ride - Folding & Unfolding

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